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please help 
01:16am 18/06/2007
mood: worried

Please read this as it would mean alot to me personally, no its not a chainmail or anything like that. My name is Emma, I am 20 years old and live in ottawa. I have many issues in my life, I suffer from panic disorders, anxiety problems and many other issues, however something has greatly helped me through all this, and what is helping me, is going to come to an end unless I do something about it.

I am not a bible thumper by any means. I used to make fun of church goers (please dont stop reading this and say to yourself "oh its a church thing") However I have recently started going back to church. I havent gone since I was baptized 20 years ago, and I am currently going to the same one, called St. Columba. In this church it is like a family, its unline any church I have ever known. The reverend is very accepting and welcoming, I even emailed him and asked him about issued I have and what the church and he thinks about those issues including gay marriage, homosexuality, abortion, divorce, and other touchy topics. He accepts everyone. When I first started going there I thought it would be weird as we were not known but they just accepted us and as I have said, it is like a family. Its the first time I think that waking up earlier in the morning isnt a chore.

Here in lies the problem. The majority of the people that go there are over 60, and on average we have about 20 people at the church. We are being threatened of being closed down. I havent been going for long, only about 5 months, but this means so much to me. PLEASE if you could come back to church it would make all the difference in the world. It dosent matter who you are, big small gay straight, black, white. We need you. I need you.

Sunday services are at 10 in the morning and are usually an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. I think that if you give this a chance, you will find that you will feel happier. I dont know what does it, I was so skeptical when I started going, and look at me, Im a big girl, I have issues, I didnt beleive in God when I started going and I am still unsure at times, but I cannot lie when i say it made me feel good when I left. Now I look forward to Each Sunday.

Its not alot of effort, its not alot of time, please help us, help me. I dont want to go to another church, this is like a family to me. I dont want to go to a conformist attitude area, which alot of churches are like.

Please give it some thought, please.

The church is St Columba Anglican Church
24 Sandridge Road

Thank you for listening.
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05:32pm 05/06/2006
  Hey everyone,
I have recently moved back to Ottawa after liviing out of town for 4 years, and am looking to meet a/some exercise buddies. I live in the SouthKeys area, and have a mini trampoline, 2 pilates balls, stretch bands, exercise tapes, frisbees, a soccer ball, badmington stuff, a volleyball, a basketball, skipping ropes, etc, etc, that is not the problem, my place is set up for exercise, the problem is, I just dont do it when I am alone, I am much more likely to be active if I am doing it with someone else. I like all those things I metnioned, and dancing, playing in the sprinklers, swimming, walking, etc. anything really, i need to loose weight and get more healthy.
I am a 23 year old plus sized woman and would prefer other women, especially other plus sized ones, but am open to trying it out with anyone.
I would perfer to meet once or more a week, preferabkly in the day time, but that is flexible, in my area (on busroutes 142 and 144, and walking distance from southkeys if you are ambitious.
i know I wil not stick with it if I have to bus, and i dont drive, so hopefully someone on here will live in my area.
Here's hoping.
Ciao for now
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Hello there. 
01:56pm 18/04/2006
mood: cheerful
Hay There, Ottawanians! I am pretty new to lj, so I thought I would introduce myself.

I am a single male student at Algonquin College studying Engineering Technology. I love the outdoors, watching movies, and my old dog LK.

I love just about all women. Big, small, medium... big is my favorite though. But I believe in the natural beauty and sensuality of women that only a woman herself can suppress. I believe women should have curves - that is what makes a woman beautiful. Some women seem to try to deny their body's natural state and keep the curves away. I feel sorry for these women - I still love them and find them sexy, but less than a woman with curves.

I notice not too many people post here regularly. I hope some of you do occasionally, though, because I'd like to read what some other people (bbw lovers and the girls themselves) have to say.

Take care and have a good spring. :)
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hey everyone! 
08:53am 25/01/2006
mood: excited
New Livejournal Community!Collapse )
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For Kinky and Not-So-Kinky girls. A new place to hang out and meet new friends! 
01:49pm 05/01/2006
  Girls Only Night - “Club CHX” Open House
Friday January 20, 2006 9pm - 2am
This open house is to introduce the new and improved Girls Night, now known as “Club CHX“. This night only (January), admission is free, and includes non-alcoholic punch and munchies throughout the night, as well as door prizes. Bring all your girlfriends and come hang out with us for the night, check out the space, and lets talk about what you’d like to see happen at this event in the coming months! See you there!
This event is restricted to females only (or those who identify as female)
**Breathless is a private social club that caters to alternative lifestyles. As a social club, it is different than the local bars and pubs, and offers a different atmosphere in which to socialize with others. Please come and check us out on this night, and see what you think!
318 Lisgar St
Clothing for sale! 
09:10am 14/09/2005
  Hey gals... guys... whoever :)

I can't believe I *just* discovered this community two weeks before I move overseas!!!! Let me say, I am happy to see that it's out here. Size acceptance is so important (yet such a freakin' struggle) and having others who support who we are helps immensly!!!

Anyhow, I hope this is allowed, as it *does* relate to us BBWs :) I have a whole bunch of clothes that I am selling (due to my move overseas) and would absolutely love if anyone in this community could make use of them! I think the best items are about 6 pairs of Old Navy jeans... size 18. I'd sell them for 10 bucks a pair, OR, 50 for the whole lot. They're in great condition, but again, with my baggage allowance being only 45 pounds I really have to rid myself of some stuff! I have other things as well and would be more than happy to meet up with you (everything is hanging on hangers, so it's easy to go through) at my parents house in Westboro if you're interested. Most of the clothes ranges from a size 14 up to an 18.

Again, I apologise if this isn't the place to be posting it, but I do know how difficult it is to find nice plus-size clothing for a fair price and only hope that someone can take advantage of this.

Thanks a million,
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09:56am 06/07/2005
  There was a mistake when I posted originally about the swimming.. it's Tuesdays THURSDAYS and Sundays, sorry for any confusion.  
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Interesting read 
03:29pm 05/07/2005
  Argentina's fashion police target rake-thin teens

By Mary MillikenFri Jul 1, 2:51 PM ET

Argentine girls struggling to stay slim troll street stores for low-slung jeans and midriff sweaters often dreading the cruelest of words from salespeople at the door: "Don't come in, we don't have your size."

But now officials are telling retailers and the fashion industry to sell larger sizes to armies of teens in this thin-obsessed country, which suffers the second highest rate of anorexia and bulimia in the world after Japan.

This week, the province of Buenos Aires, home to one-third of Argentina's 37 million people, gave stores 180 days to offer six sizes for adolescents and make them uniform for the industry in what is known at the "Sizes Law."

Officials acting as fashion police will patrol the streets "with measuring tape in hand," said provincial commerce director Ana Serrano.

Until now stores offered ubiquitous one-size-fits-all or unregulated S, M, L and XL sizes. Any shopper with extra inches of waistline can find it hard to get clothes that fit and even an XL can be a small fit in another country.

Now all items sold in stores will have to be made in sizes 38 to 48 and will be clearly labeled with the centimeters that make up those sizes, according to international standards.

"Makers of one-size-fits-all use pre-adolescent models but try to sell it to everyone, so many adolescent girls struggle to fit into the top fashion brands," said psychiatrist Mabel Bello, head of the Association Against Anorexia and Bulimia.

Currently one in every 10 Argentine adolescent girls suffers from an eating disorder and Bello believes they can lower this rate with help from the fashion industry.

Sales staff say that even anorexic girls have few problems finding clothes in adult stores, where woman sizes are so small that teens can shop.

"Logically, I shouldn't have found sizes for me in adult stores, but I had no problem," said Paula Giraut, a 22-year-old student in treatment for anorexia who dropped to 88 lbs.


The social pressures in Argentina to be trim and beautiful can be daunting. The country boasts one of the world's highest rates of aesthetic surgery -- including breast augmentation sought by girls when they turn 15 -- and six out of 10 commercials feature bodies and food, Bello says.

Mothers in the Buenos Aires provincial capital of La Plata are ecstatic with the new law and indignant with the discrimination they say their daughters suffer.

"Last weekend, I asked a saleswoman if my 16-year-old could try a larger size and she refused, saying my daughter would rip it," said mother Silvia Lannoo. "If we don't have a law backing us up, we are going to have sick youths."

Many in the industry chafe at government interference and doubt it will make much of a difference in eating disorders. Schools and families should be on the frontline, not fashion.

"This won't solve anything," said Carmen Ferrari, owner of La Plata's own Aldea Blanca brand. "People who want to be thin will find ways to do it. Then there are those who want to eat. We will have to start closing restaurants."

Ferrari says her factory has always been willing to make larger sizes on demand and thinks Argentine girls are already regulating their weight better these days.

"Girls from 13 to 16 use bigger sizes than they did 10 years ago. Then it was total anorexia," said Ferrari.

Similar laws could be enacted in other provinces, the capital and even on the federal level, such is the acceptance in political circles and society that something must be done about Argentina's high rate of eating disorders.

"Society has grown tired of this issue. A girl who is gaunt is no longer considered pretty," said Lucila Favre, 27, in treatment for the bulimia she has suffered since 14.
forwarded from amazongoddess_ 
05:34pm 04/07/2005
  This Poem I'm about to share with you was read to me, by the author, at the Miss Canada Plus Pageant 2004. She was one of the MCs. Her name was Jemeni. She works for a radio station called Flow 93.5 Urban FM ( http://flow935.com/morningrush/index.htm)
It took me a year to obtain a copy and feel it's well worth the share and read.
Please if you share this poem, ensure the author's name is carried with it. Thanks!

This is a poem for the big girls.

When the weight of the world lies heavy on your shoulders.
And some 80 pound model type gives you the cold shoulder.
Take solace in the warmth of your presence.
Its not your fault her man keeps looking you over.

He's caught up in the wieght of your essence.

They are,

You are,

We are the beautiful ones, in all of our shapes and sizes,
We are the beautiful ones... Some hide from themselves painting on fake ego and wearing fix-your-life-diet disguises.
We are the beautiful ones!
Who feel that light is for reading with and pounds are for greeting those who adore us.
We count friends instead of just calories.
and don't accept anything small... men, minds or salaries.
We don't give credence to numbers on a man made scale
We have taught ourselves to memorize the exact and intimate details of our soul's weight.
For thats what really matters. Whats inside.
Couldn't tell you my body fat ratio,

but i do know the exact wieght of my convictions and the thickness of my pride.

We don't judge our self worth around the red line on a bathroom scale.
We suck up all the available air in any given room first, and then we exhale.
She, Me, We goddesses of flesh and fire,

who hide transmissions from the heavens within any curve or crevice we desire.
To be translated over cake while rome is burning.

And for those who question the many men that worship at our temple.
We tell them there is nothing more sexy than the laughter of a woman who is fully satisfied.
There is nothing more desirable than a woman who is unashamed of pleasure.

And all those who meet her will have no other desire than to see her satisfied.

This poem is a guilt free chocolate sunday with verbs, for unapologetic women who celebrate their curves.

This is a designer outfit, that fits just right and flatters your body type (the one you got for 40% off in the back of the store)

This is an oven warm chocolate chip cookie verse - not to be eaten to cover or escape another poem but just because it pleases you.

This is caramel coated too.

This is you.

And you are the beautiful one.
Another activity 
05:24pm 04/07/2005
  Keeping true to my promise to get this community in action..

This is courtesy of amazongoddess_

Baseball Gathering, for fun
DATE: July 13th, 2005
Time: 6:30pm
Map: Click here

Every couple of weeks, some people get together to play baseball.. it's a plus sized event and so far we've had a great turn out.

Any questions?... email me at omenangel AT gmail DOT com
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02:36pm 04/07/2005
  Since I'm back on normal hours, swimming will resume Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday each week. I need the exercise... If anyone else would like more information reply here.. I have an indoor pool plus a hot tub... usually swim for 2 hours in the evenings

email is omenangel AT gmail DOT com if you would rather reply that way
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11:03pm 23/06/2005
  Just wondering if anything else is going on anytime soon around here? It'd be good if this place got active for the summer a bit or something.

So...whats up everyone?
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First post 
12:07pm 02/05/2005
  Welcome all,

I made this community to hopefully share some fun times and to partake in eventful outings geared towards BBW and admirers. I would also like to use this community as a base for support as us larger individuals often face extra challenges from day to day. I hope that this becomes a friendly and supportive community for us. No rules really except please refrain from unecessary bashing of other members. Enjoy.

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